Our Vision

Campaigning to end grouse shooting on Yorkshire’s moors.

We believe Yorkshire’s moors are the jewel in our region’s crown and must be preserved in a way beneficial to wildlife, education, its users and the local economy. They are a unique environment for taking leisure among nature which provides investment for the region.

Our vision seeks a regional resource that promotes biodiversity and teaches younger generations the importance of nature conservation. An asset which helps grow the local economy. A healthy ecosystem which is able to meet the challenges climate change is placing on the region, including by mitigating the flood risk which threatens businesses and livelihoods.

Our mission is to end grouse shooting on Yorkshire’s moors, to free the way for these spaces to be managed in a way where their full potential can be reached. Through solid research, pro-active educational initiatives, investigations and legal advocacy. By educating the public and policy-makers about wildlife and the environment, we motivate them to support upland conservation.

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